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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is not a banknote worth five dollars rather it is a website where freelancers offer micro job services for as low as five dollars. You can liken Fiverr to a huge marketplace where different services are rendered.


What is Fiverr?


Fiverr for Buyers

Do you need someone to outsource an important task to? You’ve just launched your website; you need to submit it to major web directories out there but you don’t have the time? Fiverr is for you. Do you want someone to help you compose a happy birthday song? Do you need articles for your blog? Do you need traffic to your latest video? You definitely need fiverr! There are lots of freelancers itching to execute these tasks in record time. Fiverr is just the place to fulfill your requests.


Fiverr for Sellers

Are you looking for a way to making some money on the internet? Are you looking to begin your freelancing journey? Look no further than Fiverr. All you need to do is to offer services which are in demand by the thousands of buyers on Fiverr, complete your orders and be on your way to making money online. Fiverr.com is ranked 124 by Alexa as the most visited website in the world. That means it is more visited than Squidoo, Wall Street Journal and many popular websites, so it’s very important to sell on Fiverr.


What is a Gig?

When someone is offering you a service, we can say the person is offering you a gig. For example, if my specialty is to offer comments on articles on your blog, you can as well say blog comments is my gig.
In Fiverr, a gig is worth $5 and it is non-negotiable. Every seller completes this sentence when they create a gig:“I will ……………………………….. for $5”, followed by the description of the service offered and the time to complete the order. Failure to meet your deadline may result in your gig cancelled by the buyer which can lead to a negative rating.


Categories in Fiverr

Gigs are divided into categories, so it’s easy to find a service you’re looking for. There are 12 categories in Fiverr and they are listed below.
These categories are further divided into subcategories which can be found here.


Features of Fiverr

On fiverr, all sellers have a rating system that helps you determine if you want to work with them or not. Also, out of every successful sale a seller makes, Fiverr takes a 20% fee from the original amount. Let’s say I completed a gig worth $5, Fiverr would credit me with $4 (the other $1 is for Fiverr).


Benefits of using Fiverr

As a seller, one benefits of using Fiverr is the fact that you can make $4 over and over again. All you need to do is come up with catchy gigs and learn how to advertise them.

You can charge more on gig extras. Your income can go from $4 to at least $40 per order.
The Fiverr platform offer services absolutely free of cost which means you would able to make money without investing anything.

You are allowed to sell anything as there are no restrictions implied on you for selling
Another big benefit of Fiverr is that you would get hold of your money even if you get banned.

Joining Fiverr is easy. All you need do is to go to fiverr.com and sign up. After you confirm your email address, you can create your gigs and start making money online from Fiverr.

So whether you’re in need of a service provider or not, you should go and check it out. You may be amazed to find a very good deal you never thought you could get.

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