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How To Promote Your Fiverr gig

You might be offering the best service but if it’s not well marketed, you’re as good as someone who just opened an account. To sellers, promotion is the bedrock of getting sales. When you target the right people and offer your services to them, you’re on your way to making some big bucks on fiverr.


In this article, we’re going to be looking at various ways we can promote our gig. If you want to succeed on fiverr, you should run-through these methods to be familiar with which one that best fit your services.


Promote Fiverr Gig



Facebook offers you a wide range of means to promote your gigs. Using Pages, Groups can go a long way in targeting the right buyers. You want to post short notes on the problems you will be solving and adding your link at the end. You can also promote a post on Facebook.


Other Social Media Sites

Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn etc have massive followers you can explore. These are where most sellers get their clients from. Social media users want something or the other. Create a gig that solve a problem and market it to them.


Yahoo Answers

It is said that if you’re not using YahooAnswers to promote your gig, you’re missing out in a lot of sales. With a massive audience, it has been one of the most accepted method used by freelancers at large.



If you can leverage the traffic capability of blogs, you would not only get exposure, you’ll triple your sales. You can comment on blogs related to your niche or you can even guest post on a blog. You highlight problems on a topic and talk about ways to solve the problem and at the end, you link back to your gig. If you can’t write, you can hire a writer. Read more on using blogs to promote your gig.



With forums, you encounter like minded individuals so you’re assured of a good converting ratio. If you utilize the significance of signatures with a convertible anchor text, you’re on your way to double your income. Forums are used by major sellers especially beginners. The more you post on forums, the more your signatures get seen. So, look for forums in your niche and start adding value.



Lastly and more lucrative is the fiverr marketplace. You should not just be a seller, buy too! There are many promotional gigs you can buy to increase your sales. Look for sellers to promote your gig, tweet to their followers, post to their pages e.t.c. It is beneficial and you reap a good return on investment.

You can also exploit the fiverr forum. Search for threads/questions that require direct answers or recommendations, answer them and recommend your gig. But be careful not to spam the forum. You lose your credibility with enough time wasted.


Other ways to Promote your Gigs

PPC Advertising
Affiliate marketing
Solo Ads e.t.c

Without promoting your gig, you get little or no sales. You should also follow these steps to make your gig stand out on fiverr.

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