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What Makes A Great Website

Simple And Easy Guide To Creating  A Great Website

Whenever people search over the Internet like students who are working for answers to assignments and/or projects, couples preparing for their dream wedding, new professionals that want to impress their bosses with completely documented reports – they are looking forward to getting trusted information, facts, figures and if possible, supporting documents from a website.
You, as a website owner, have an obligation to present only proper data, free of fictitious material that will just enhance the story. Whenever you are creating a website, you must always put your feet on the visitor’s shoes and asked yourself – Is the information that I will get from this website true? Are they reliable?

While exaggerated information might attract site visitors, providing correct information is really important as this will make or break your website. Let’s see the benefits and advantages of having not only good information, but also quality contents on your website.


Useful Contents Builds Credibility

Be it in the form of picture presentation or merely a simple texts format, materials put on your website greatly affects your credibility. Based from recent surveys, consumers trust a business that offers credible contents and is likely to turn them from visitors into clients. Consumers can no longer be fooled nowadays. If you exaggerate things written on your site, chances of getting caught faking the stuff placed on your website is high with all the resources readily available on the Internet.
There are also Webmasters who avail services of third party groups just to look after other sites that copy their content, especially those that offers the same merchandise. Using original content not only put trust on would-be clients because of the truthfulness you offer, you also stay away from plagiarism charges.


Well-Designed Website Provides Style

How will you respond to websites that are poorly written with contrasting background and design and you have no idea where to start looking ? People are mostly to trust websites that is well written, basically free of misspelled words and with sentences that are grammatically correct. If you are to create contents on your websites, try using a spell and grammar checker software. Or have someone more knowledgeable on content writing do the work for you. But make sure to check it before posting to verify correct information and to prevent unnecessary wordings.
If you are not familiar in designing websites, you may also avail services of web programmers. Better entrust the work to experts for best results. Just make sure that all contents undergo your quality check before putting it live for public viewing.



Search Engine Friendly

Using the search engine and putting aside the name of your business, what are the words that best describe your merchandise that if someone looks for it, your web site will show up? Properly created websites are search engine friendly since it can be easily categorized through indexing. Indexing is the process wherein keyword descriptions that are embedded on the website is checked and recognized by search engines.

Contents comprising the website are the basis on how your website will be indexed by search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Search engines use these keywords to simplify and expedite the search results.

With these information placed appropriately on the website, you’ll have a big chance on having your business known to potential customers.

For businesses who would like to expand their market through the use of Internet, website serves are their online ‘salesperson’; an alter ego over the Net. No doubt the Internet is fast becoming the source of instant marketing, networking, search of new clients, and making transactions. But it doesn’t mean when you have a website that you will all of a sudden have clients.

Like a salesperson attending to clients, your website serves as the representative of your business. Thus, you need to dress your website properly, fill it with marketing pitches that a normal salesperson pitch to clients, present an impressive company profile and if there’s an existing list of clients, portfolio of achievements supported by testimonials of happy customers. In short, feed your website with things and information that a real, live salesperson will need to bring to get clients.




These are Called the Elements Of A Good Website. Let’s check what Comprises a Good One.



Business/Personal Information

The very basic information that a website cannot live without is the website about page and the owner’s profile. Knowing who to deal with is the first thing that a prospective client looks for in a website, particularly those looking to have long term business partnership looking for a supplier or just a simple product purchase. Most buyers do history checks specially those that need to make an online payment since they will entrust their personal information to them.
You may also include portfolios of past projects that resulted to great transactions. Clients’ testimonials of the work you did or product you delivered supported by a couple of pictures easily do the trick


Easy To Understand And Informative

There are web sites that are too loud or too descriptive, while others are too thin. Too much talking, wordy presentations, and using flowery words to amaze visitors often lead to boredom. But then again, having very little relevant information will leave visitors clueless as to why it has been created in the first place. Choosing the right words, coupled with short but informative description gives visitors the idea that you have really prepared for your presentation.


Search Engine-Friendly

People rely on search engines to look for websites that offer exactly what they are searching for. And for search engines to notice your website and place you ahead of search results, you should come up with descriptive words or ‘keywords’ that best describes what your website is all about. Remember that these keywords should match what an ordinary person can think of and will use to look for in search engines.


Always Updated

Another element to consider is having new articles and relevant information to offer on your web site. These could be business or industry announcements, special offers, and upcoming events among other things.
Most websites offer downloadable forms if there’s a need to fill some while others upload videos that will provide additional testimonials of their products. If you want to integrate online transaction on your website, that will be great. Not only will you be able to showcase your goods, you’ll also make it easy for clients to purchase. Just make sure to have extra layer of security to make sure that your client’s information is safe.

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