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To Make Money Online Avoid These Seven Mistakes

A lot of us want to make money online, whether by tackling something new or by taking an existing business to the web. But along the way, most people end up making mistakes that costs them their on line achievements.


Why Most Fail To Make Money Online


1. Lack of a Clear Plan

Be sure you take on your “business” as a business, not just some thing you’re doing to pass the time. Plan out what costs you’ll need to be prepared for, and how much money the business will need to make to turn a gain. Estimate timelines and techniques for getting where you have to be, and then try to stick to the plan as best you can.


2. Bad Keyword Research

You will hear it a million times, right keywords are very important to attracting buyers from your target niche. If you choose keywords that are too general (like “diet” or “travel”), you’ll get lost in a crowd of vendors and miss out on your sub-market. If you choose keywords that are too narrow (like “Montpelier Vermont Travel”), you’ll have so few potential customers finding you that you won’t have enough business to be successful. Do your homework and determine your best niche market to target.


3. Doing Everything Yourself

You don’t have to learn all the html, marketing, SEO, graphic design, payment processing and other information yourself. Learn what you can, but outsource the rest. That’ll save you time in the short run as you get set up, and money in the long run as your business gets profitable faster.


4. Getting Discouraged Too Soon

A big mistake beginners make is getting discouraged too soon. You have to be reasonable in your expectations and be ready for the challenges. There’s no such thing as “get rich quick” (well, unless it’s the lottery). Just like any business, to make money online takes time, so be patient and stay positive.


5. Not Keeping Track of Progress

Set goals for your business, and then keep an eye on the progress. Test your website copy, keywords, etc. often to see what’s working and what’s not. Tweak are needed to get the good results. Marketing is testing, and by keeping up with the progress of your business, you’ll be well-equipped to maximize the chances as they arise.


6. Doing too Much at Once

It can be tempting to put a bunch of projects in the works all at once and see what happens. But that can also mean spreading yourself too thin, losing your concentration and burning out. Start with one task, and don’t move on to another one until the first one is running as you had planned. Or, if you must do a few things at once, schedule some time each day to focus on just one project at a time, and stay on that schedule.


7. Getting Distracted

Finding your direction when you’re new to the online business world can be hard, but you have to keep in mind that there are only so many hours in the day. Don’t let time pass by while you’re browsing page after page of forum threads or reading new documents, all under the guise of research. Yes, research is important for finding your direction, but so is trial and error, and if you dwell too much on all of the available info in your niche, you’ll never get to the “try it yourself” point. Set aside a little time each day for research, emails, instant messages and other things that suck time away, and then spend the rest of your day actively working on your own business. Online business success can be stymied by any of the mistakes above, so keep yourself on track and you’ll already have an advantage over other new online business people trying to make money online. Good luck!



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