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How to Sell an EBook

So You want sell an ebook ?


Lots of people write about what they know (gardening, golf, marketing, etc.), but they don’t know how to get them published, how to their work out there for the masses to read.

If you’ve created an ebook that others might find useful or entertaining, there are ways to maximize your visibility and make it as easy as possible for readers to find and download your handiwork. Yes, you can sell an ebook! Here’s what you need to know.


Sell An eBook

For beginners, you’ll want your ebook to be out there on as many sites as possible, from your own website to Amazon.com.

Before you think you’ll need to submit it to a ton of online retailers, let me reassure you that’s not the case. You need only focus on three outlets: your own website, Amazon.com and Smashwords.


Your own site

If you don’t have a website, get one. Set up a landing page and product sales page with uncluttered, effective info about an ebook, a clear call to action, and a fast load time.

You can use PayPal to add an order button on your page and set up an automated download page to which buyers can be sent once the transaction is complete. Using your own website to sell your ebooks means you pocket all of the profits, you grow a nice e-mail list of buyers that you can get hold of later, and you don’t have to do anything to process or fill orders. The system does it for you.



Amazon sells more ebooks than anybody, so you have to be in their catalog. To get started, go to Amazon’s Digital Text Platform and sign up. You’ll get about 70% of the sales your e-book brings in.



You can upload and sell an ebook here, too. The great thing about Smashwords is that it converts your ebook to several formats and then upload it to Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo and Diesel. Of course, you’ll make respectable money from the royalties you get selling through Smashwords, as well.

If you’re serious about wanting to sell an ebook, these three places will cover just about all of your options and get your ebook as visible as possible online. You can help the process along after that by driving some traffic to your page, but otherwise, you’ll be good to go. You may not make enough money to quit that day job, but every little bit helps, right? Good luck!


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