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Fiverr Payment System

Getting paid on Fiverr is quite easy. If after delivering your order, your client marks it as completed, it will be moved to the clearing status. But if your client is unresponsive, you will need to wait an extra 3 days to have the revenue added to your balance. Subsequently, it’s being held for at least 13 days (clearing status) after which you can withdraw it into any of the below options. Note, you can only withdraw the amount in the “Available funds”.


Fiverr Payment System



To withdraw into PayPal, you’re required to own a PayPal account. Just go to PayPal.com, sign up, follow the guidelines and attach it to your bank account.
On Fiverr, just click the button “Withdraw PayPal Account”. You can send the available funds from Fiverr to PayPal at anytime as long as you have available funds.
On PayPal, click on the Withdraw button, input the amount you want to send to your bank account and click on Continue. Then, you confirm your request and you’re done.


Fiverr Revenue Card

This card can be requested for and will be sent to you in relation to your stated address. You can use this card to withdraw from any ATM with a MasterCard logo on it. This card is provided by Payoneer and can be used for other purposes.
Once you’ve gotten the card, just click on Fiverr Revenue Card under the “Available funds” tab and follow the instructions afterwards to withdraw your desired amount. This option is only available to Level 1 sellers upwards. Meaning you would have spent 30 days on Fiverr, and made at least 10 sales with very good ratings.


Merging Payoneer to Fiverr

But if you have a Payoneer card already and you want to merge it with current Fiverr account, what you need to do is to submit a new card application via Fiverr using an email address different from the one you signed up with to get your Payoneer card.
Click on “Fiverr revenue card” and click on “apply”; afterwards, you will be redirected to Payoneer website. Follow the instructions but make only your email different. Once Payoneer receives your application, you would be sent an email with a link to merge the pending application with your existing card. Just follow the steps and your Payoneer card will be merged to your Fiverr account and you can use to withdraw your revenue.

Also, you can use the available funds in your account to purchase other gigs if some services catch your attention. Make sure to check out the strategies on how to make money and rank high on Fiverr, and ways of promoting your gig for more sales.

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