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Fiverr Complete Guide ( Earning on Fiverr )


How would you like to become independently wealthy? It isn’t impossible, and in fact, it is entirely doable if you are willing to heed to what I’m about to reveal.
This article will disclose why you should stop wasting your time doing it wrong. You will fully discover the secrets to success and happiness in making money on Fiverr. All I require of you is to read this article a step at a time and I guarantee if you take action you would not only be making money on Fiverr, you’d be a successful freelancer.


Fiverr Overview

What is Fiverr
What is sold on Fiverr
How Fiverr works
Creating a Powerful Profile that Sells
Gig Creation
Fiverr payment system
Services you can offer
Fiverr alternatives
Other tips
Fiverr pros and cons


What is Fiverr?

You can liken Fiverr to a marketplace where buyers meet sellers. This marketplace is utilized by people from all works of life in various part of the world! Since you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you want to make money on Fiverr.
If you have a talent or a skill then you’re set to freelance on Fiverr. What if you don’t have any skill or talent? Don’t worry! All you need is just a basic training which are confined in this website. So go through this site and be on your freelancing journey!


What Can sold ?

Basically, there are two things sold on Fiverr. Products and Services! Yes! If you have a product, you can sell it on Fiverr. A product can be physical or digital. So when selling a physical product you charge extra for shipping and other costs. But if it is a digital product, all you need do is to send the file(s) to the buyer. Selling services on Fiverr is very simple. You can choose to sell services in high demand like writing articles, designing logos, setting up websites etc or you can choose to sell unique services: though they’re not as high in demand but they have less competition. Or, you can choose to do both! Fiverr offers you the chance to create up to 20 gigs. So you should utilize it and offer what you find interesting.


How Fiverr Works?

The power of Fiverr is in its simplicity. A seller puts up an ad called a gig which is meant to perform a task e.g. ‘sing a song’, ‘design a website’, ‘prank someone’, ‘imitate a celebrity voice’ etc.
A buyer goes through the fiverr website, chooses the task he wants to outsource, places an order, provide necessary instructions and the seller is notified.
The seller performs the required task within a stipulated period of time and informs the buyer of the completed service.


Creating a Powerful Profile that Sells

Your profile is your brand. You don’t want to joke with it. You want to choose a professional username which relays the service you’re offering. As a graphic designer, you don’t want your brand name to be “sexybaberita345”. You want to upload a decent profile photo and you want to give a description of you so your clients would be able to distinguish you so they’ll keep coming. Make sure you read creating a powerful profile for more.


Gig Creation

Before creating a gig, you want to know more about the service you intend to offer. You want to choose a gig title that will appeal to your visitors. You want know how to choose the right tags and you want to know how you can get custom-made pictures for your gig. Also, before you create a gig, you should know how to write the perfect description text. I covered more about gig creation here.


Fiverr payment system

There are 2 ways to get paid on Fiverr. The first and most preferred is PayPal and the other is the Fiverr Revenue Card which is provided by Payoneer.


Services You Can offer

This is what you’re waiting for. You can choose from a variety of services which are explained on this site. Since you’re just starting out, it is favored to start with gigs that are high in demand. The Graphic design service, SEO services, Article Writing, Social media services are examples of services you can offer. Read through the Gig category and select the ones that fit your description.



When you decide on which service you want offer and after you’ve created your gig, you want to reach out to buyers. A perfectly created gig is nothing without concurrent sales. There are various media you can use to promote your gig. For most sellers, Yahoo Answers, Forums and Social Media have been adequate in churning out sales. I covered how you can promote your gigs here.


Fiverr Alternatives

If you’re looking to expand your horizon or you’re looking for a less competitive place to start your freelancing journey, there are many fiverr-like-sites you can explore. With so many of them popping online, it is paramount you select micro-job sites that have risen among the bunch and have a very good future. Some of them are SEOClerks, Envato, Etsy, Freelancer etc.


Pros and Cons

It is free to use
You get your money even if banned
You can outsource skills you can’t do
A great place for people in less developed countries to market their skills

You account can be banned
Undervalued services


To be successful on fiverr, you should follow these basic tips

Deliver on time
Pick a creative title
Use a video in your gig
Effective communication
Follow the rules
Don’t use a copied image
Do everything possible to get a positive feedback
Stay above your competition
Promote! Promote!! Promote!!!



There are thousands of sellers that make their daily bread on fiverr. You too can become one if you follow the guidelines on this blog and be sure to make active/passive income on fiverr.
I Recommend Graphicania on Fiverr if you are look forward to outsourcing some of your work, they are good at what they do.

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