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The Donts of SEO and PPC

In most aspects of marketing, there are specific things you should do and NOT do to achieve success; online marketing is no exception, with the do’s and don’ts of SEO and PPC pretty clearly defined. You might read a lot about the do’s, but what about the don’ts? Read on to learn more about the don’ts of SEO and PPC.


The Donts of SEO and PPC


1. Don’t Use Your Own Industry Jargon or Language

Speak in the voice of your customers! What terms would your customers be using to search? What words do they use when they discuss your niche? Think like your customers and tailor your keywords accordingly.


2. Don’t Pull a Switcheroo With Your Links

If a customer clicks on a link that says “Best All Natural Cleaner” and is sent to a general home page (like the Lysol home page) instead of a specific product page, that customer will hit the back button, probably with an extra oomph of frustration. Send people where you say you’re sending them! A link to “Best All Natural Cleaner” should go to a page that’s specific to that product so the customer can learn more and potentially buy.


3. Don’t Blow off Your Site’s Content

Content is the single most important thing about keeping visitors on your site and convincing them to purchase. Remember, a lot of site visitors are on the fence about buying from you, so give them the best reasons to. Be clear, honest, trustworthy and informative in your content, and you’ll be more likely to turn visitors into customers.


4. Don’t Ignore Your Customers Once They’ve Purchased

Many merchants think that, once the sale is over, their work is done, but that’s far from the case. Give your customers the best possible service, respond to issues or complaints quickly, keep the lines of communication open, and give them a reason to refer their friends to you. Keep them in the loop with regular emails, ideally with special offers and coupons. Turn one-time customers into repeat customers! They could be loyal customers for life (and encourage their friends to be the same).


5. Don’t Go the “Black Hat” Route

There are lots of unethical and underhanded means out there to artificially drive up SEO, a lot more quickly than the straightforward methods. But the black hat route will come back to bite you. Google has a bad view of low-quality backlinks, link farms, spam/replicated content and other nefarious tricks, and if you try these methods out, your online presence will eventually suffer. Your pagerank will drop, your traffic will dry up, and you’ll wish you did the right thing from the beginning. So do it right! The white hat SEO techniques take a little longer (and take a bit more work), but the long-term results are worth it.
SEO and PPC are vital to making your business successful online. Keep these don’ts of SEO and PPC in mind as you market, and you’ll be in better shape to reap the rewards of your efforts!

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