About Me

About Me

My Name is Neonalton and I’m 25. I have been a Business Internet Marketer, Graphic Designer & a Freelancer since my early 20’s. I have worked with many Online Businesses, I just LOVE starting Businesses.  I started Business Myriad as a Business Blog to share My Marketing Strategies and help Bloggers Make Money Blogging, Turning Your Blog into a Business.

Blogging, Online Business is getting even more sophisticated everyday, Business Myriad is your Solid Partner, I Provide Resources and Create effective Strategies for Your Blog. I Will be Showing You what works for Me and what You should be implementing to succeed. You now have an opportunity to work for Yourself, with Business Myriad behind  to support & Inspire You.

Helping Others thrive has enabled me to grow, offering bloggers the ability to empower themselves and focus on their plans. Business Myriad Provides Everything necessary to Start a Blog. I help YOU get Started and Ensure Your Progress Online. Be part of Business Myriad and subscribe to the newsletter and Receive Step-By-Step, No-Fluff Blueprints on how to Improve Your Money Making Strategies and Branding on the web that will result in more Traffic, higher reputation, and a Successful Online Business.

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