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9 Internal Linking Strategies

Many of you must be having the idea about how to optimize the websites to make it friendly to the search engine, but most of the questions that generally rise in your mind remain unanswered. One of the frequently observed questions is how to increase the number of internal links to increase the friendliness of the search engine.

Internal links are the links that are placed in the website or in the blog or in some other content that help to connect with some other pages for reference or for getting some additional information. These internal links helps in increasing the page views and encourages the viewers to stay in the website for a longer period of time. At the same time, as stated earlier it helps greatly improving the ranking of the page in the search engine.


9 Magical Tips to Increase the Number of Internal Linking


There are various ways through which one can create more internal links. All that need is a little bit of knowing where the link should be placed depending on the content, so that it can get maximum search which will in turn bring huge quality traffic at your website or at the blog.

To promote the website now days people use the blog which is used to aware other people about the current services and events going on in the industry. Therefore a blog plays a big role for getting the traffic to the website. In the competitive online marketing it is required to optimize the websites in a search engine friendly manner and in order to achieve that internal links plays an important role.
Therefore enlisting 9 points that will help to increase internal links in websites as well as in blogs and thereby will increase the search engine friendliness and will help in gaining good volume of traffic:


1) Internal Linking to the Similar Topic

When you are writing content for your website make sure to support the content with links that will direct the viewers to the pages that contains related content of yours. It will provide the readers with additional information and will help you to keep your visitors on your website for a longer period of time.


2) Sitemap Plays an Important Role

Sitemaps not only help the viewers to search the pathways of exactly where their interest lies on but also it is an easiest method to increase the internal links to your important website pages.


3) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Can Help You

Arrange some set of questions that are raised frequently from the viewer’s side. Place the answers of those questions in the FAQs page. Leave the partial answer in the page and then set the link to direct the viewer to more information. While framing the questions make the usage of those keywords that are commonly searched by the viewers which will help in increasing the traffic at your site or blog.


4) Adding Links of Recent Posts

This is the procedure particularly followed for the blogs. Most of the time when people write their blogs they often attach the link of the recent posts that matches with the related contents. It helps the viewers to go through those posts which they might have overlooked once or they always wanted to refer.


5) The Footer can Display Links

The website viewers scroll the page from top to bottom manner. Generally the footer contains immense free space. When the visitor visits the whole website and reaches the bottom of the site they will definitely search for some relevant links. Instead of sending the visitor to the top of the website again the footer can be filled with important links which will help the users finding better links. More internal linking will lead to better search engine optimization.


6) Associate Links to the Post’s Sidebar

This is mainly for the blog writers, to keep the important links in the sidebar. It will help the site visitors definitely to get more information and also it will help you to catch your visitors for the longer time.


7) Text Linking can be Used through out the Post

While writing the content for the website or the blog do not miss a single chance to attach the link into the text. If you come across some words which can be related to your older posts or page, make sure to attach the link. By this way you can also increase the number of internal linking.


8) The Automatic Generation of Internal Linking

There are plugins to creates the links automatically internally. They could help find commonly used phrases, when you are in the post editor.


9) Posts after Posts maintain the Link Consistency

Another way to create large number of internal links from one post to another is by writing a series. When these series are published then a chain of links appear.
These are certain methods that help in increasing the link building to better optimize the websites for the search engine.

Following these methods can surely benefit you in gaining voluminous traffic at your website through ethical ways.

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