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7 Ways To Develop Ideas

Every day offers you new opportunities to use your creativity. Just being aware of them can help you design your inspired life.

Ways To Develop Ideas


1. Learn to Notice

Begin to notice things that are done well and run efficiently and see if you can adapt those ideas to your business or life.
Is there a way you can adapt the reminder calls that your dentist office provides (i.e. leaving yourself a reminder call on
your answering machine for something you need to do)? Is there a related service you can offer your clients that they would enjoy.

Does the auto mechanic or dealership you take your car into be serviced have a great way of doing something that could save you time or money in another area?
This is a fun way to notice and appreciate a job well done and as a bonus, you may be able to use it as a jumping off point for your own job well done.


2. A Golden Egg

Do you ever notice that you often get unsolicited advice or ideas from people who mean well?
You may find yourself either out loud or in your head saying, “Well, that will never work!”

The next time someone gives you an idea, instead of automatically dismissing it and seeing the flaws,
think about what PART of the idea might have potential. Another way to think about it is to ask, “What could make this work?”
You may just discover there was a golden idea after all.


3. Play More

When you were a kid, you freely used your imagination to make up games and play with possibilities without taking yourself too seriously.
As an adult, you may need to practice playing again.

The next time you are ready to begin a new project, allow yourself some time to just play with the ideas.
What would make it more fun or satisfying for you? Play with the ideas in your mind and on paper.
Your willingness to experiment can improve your results and unearth creative solutions.


4. Could You Repeat the Question?

If you ask yourself the same question over a period of time, your mind will decide it must be important
and will work on the answers even when you’re not trying. It might be something like: How can I reach
more clients? Or how can I spend more time with my kids? You may get answers as you are taking a shower

or a walk or driving to an appointment. Make sure you keep a note pad with you and jot down answers as they
come to you. As you repeat the question, you’ll find more answers. Be open to whatever comes up without judging the ideas yet.
You can edit and choose the best options later.


5. Travel – Even in Your Own Backyard

Traveling and exploring new places helps you to notice things and see things from a new and different perspective.
When you take the same route or go to the same places, you often begin to filter out your surroundings.
Your mind becomes focused on getting to your next appointment or task.

Being in a new place, whether near or far,  with a relaxed attitude can give you new insights and ideas to challenges you’ve been working on.
As you take in new sights, smells, and sounds, your brain is on alert comparing the new stimuli to what you are used to experiencing.
Let yourself savor the experience and get into “vacation” mode even if it’s just for an hour. When you are relaxed, it’s easier to allow new ideas
and fresh perspectives to pop into your head.


6. Dream Answer

Our subconscious mind can often provide answers to problems and challenges while we are busy doing other things like sleeping or taking a walk.
Write down a question in your journal or on a notepad before you drift asleep
When you wake up, start writing what you dreamed about and just let it flow.
Then write down your question again and see if anything from your dream sparked an answer.


7. Focus on the Possibilities

It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what you don’t have or why something will never work.
It’s been proven many times that what you focus on expands.

So if you are thinking about why you can’t have something or how you don’t have enough of something or
the right something, you are missing out on an opportunity to expand your creative powers.
Everything begins with just a thought, an idea. When you focus on what you want first, you open the door and your mind to possibilities.

Giving your ideas a chance to exist before eliminating or evaluating them gives you more freedom to come up with promising solutions.


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    Sarah Belanger June 27, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    I liked the reminder from #2 to think about What would make something work. I easily dismiss something before taking it to the next step so this was very helpful for me, thanks!

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