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7 Ways To Set Up A Professional Website

Setting Up A Professional Website


1. Web Site Hosting

Your web site files will need to reside on a web host’s servers that is quick for user’s to access, suffers minimal downtime and is not excessively expensive.
Price is obviously important, but maximum guaranteed uptime is imperative, so that potential customers are not lost.


2. Website Framework Installation

Using a website framework makes setting up and updating content easy.  It also means that your site can be more easily optimized to be found by search engine keywords.


3. Selecting And Purchasing A Template Design

It is possible to find a good quality template for your website, which means that almost all the design requirements are handled for you.  After you have selected and purchased a template, it can be quickly installed onto the framework platform ready for your content to be added, and your logo to be placed.

Template prices range from free to usually around $100.  Designers create templates for free as long as you keep their link usually on the footer of each of your pages.
A list of sites containing free and paid templates is made available to you, so that you can select, download and then install your selected template.


4. Getting A Logo and Other Images For Your Site

A personalized logo placed on a template, as well as images relevant to your business, makes your site unique to your business.  The logo can be simply your business name or something more advanced that a graphic designer would need to produce.

Some templates are supplied with logo images that can be customized cheaply by a designer or you if you can use Adobe Photoshop
You may already have digital images available to place on your site.  If not, you can buy stock images very cheaply online and place them on the home page as well as other pages such as a services or products page.


5. Domain Name Registration

Should it be domain name specific to your country, or should you use .com, .net , etc…
If your business is physically located in Australia, serving predominantly Australian searchers, then it makes sense to use the domain name extension.  This is because

a extension lets search engines properly categorise your site as relevant to Australian searchers.  For example you want your site to appear when is used and/or the ‘web pages from Australia’ option is selected.
Australia searchers expect to see on the end of a domain name for a business that is located in Australia.

Local business results in Google, Yahoo and Bing are location based results, and may be better served by a country specific extension.What is the most ideal domain name to use for my business?

There is a lot of evidence that search engines favour the domain names that match the keywords that are used by searchers.
People that are using search engines to find a local business, usually use the name of the location and the business type.

For example, if you are a stone mason and do most of your business in Wollongong, you could try the domain if I already have a domain name or location type domain names aren’t available?

If this type of domain name is not available then it is fine to use your business name. The basic idea is to make it easy for people to remember your domain name, as well as to type it in when they hear it spoken.


6.  Creating Content For Your Site’s Pages

You are going to need to create the content for your pages that would initially include
About Us
Services (if you have clients), or Products (if you have customers)
Contact Us
FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Site Map


7. Configuring the Contact Us page

Your Contact Us page includes a form for users to fill out to contact you.  Using a specialized module, the contact us form can be configured so that the details are sent to your own email address.

You can also set up the module to act as an auto-responder by automatically sending the person contacting you an email, so that they know the next step of your follow-up process.You Can Set This Up Yourself!


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