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5 SEO Tips for New Websites

Creating a website is one thing, and surviving in the global online market is yet another. How many Internet users will find your website from the millions of websites on the Internet?

This is a vital question which website owners need to think about after creating a new website.

The best ways of attracting visitors to your website is to get listed on different search engines. Being listed in the search engines’ Top 10 results will boost your business, since visitors don’t have the time to go through the thousands of sites listed in the different search engines. It is therefore important to get a top placed ranking for your website.

The following are SEO tactics which can help improve your rankings in the search engines.


1. Quality Content

Your website content plays a crucial role in attaining top ranking on the search engines. On the other hand, it can also cause the falling of site ranking if it poor quality or copy content from already existing websites. Your website content should be interesting as well as unique so that users are attracted to visit your pages.


2. Proper Keyword Selection

While selecting keywords for your website, research keywords as if you are a web user. Which keywords are most likely to be used by someone searching for your web content? This is an important question to think through. It is wiser to use general keywords rather than specific keywords. You could use your product details, company name or location as a keyword.


3. Link Popularity

It is not easy to get good ranking for your site without good quality back links. Therefore, link popularity plays crucial for website ranking. You should always focus on creating one way links or quality natural links from relevant sites which have a higher page rank.


4. Competitor Analysis

All websites listed in the search engines would want their web pages to be highly ranked. Therefore, you should always keep track of your competitors’ actions. If you want a top ranking, examine what you need to do and who you should compete with. When it comes to promoting your site, you should always strive to outdo your competitors. If you lack the time to promote your website, you could hire an experienced SEO service provider.


5. Easy to Use Website

Your website should be easy to navigate and site visitors should not have any issue reaching any part of the website. If you have a large website with several pages, you need to create a site map for your visitors. The site map will tell visitors about important sections of the website and the pages under every section. This will boost your website’s chance of a high ranking, and will also attract good reviews from your visitors.

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