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5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server

You’ve probably heard it said that dedicated hosting is for companies that have ‘arrived’ or ‘made it big’. But, you know that dedicated hosting is expensive. How do you know if you need a dedicated server?


Why A Dedicated Server 


1. Fast response

If your website generates lots of traffic and you do not want any of your customers to wait, you need a dedicated server. Remember, surveys show that a visitor to your website waits for approximately 7 seconds before they click out of your site. So, you need speed. If you make use of shared or VPS hosting, you may face temporary download problems. Not so with dedicated hosting. If your business depends on near 100% up-time, use a dedicated server.


2. Complete control

If you have the technical expertise and the desire to install and customize your own applications on the net, you are better off using dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers allow you to run your website independently. In shared and VPS hosting, there may be chances for severs to crash at times. Sometimes, even a poorly written script can make the server crash. If the trade-off is too much and you really need to spend the extra money to keep your business afloat, go for dedicated hosting.


3. Security

One of the biggest risks of shared hosting is sharing the same IP address with others on your server. If any of these businesses are blacklisted for spamming or other unethical activities, your website will also suffer. That means you lose your business and you earn a bad reputation for a crime you haven’t committed. Similarly, any information stored on a dedicated server is more secure than that resting on shared severs. No one can hack into a dedicated server. So, you enjoy maximum security with dedicated hosting.


4. Unlimited Bandwidth

If your website generates lots of traffic, some companies may slap a penalty on you. This is called bandwidth restriction. A dedicated hosting plan, on the other hand, allows users to make use of their full bandwidth, without imposing any penalty.


5. Large number of websites

If you are in the business of hosting a number of mini-websites, with each website generating a fair volume of traffic, you need a system whereby you can control all your websites from one location. You may need to install similar scripts on many websites and you may even need the same IP address. The best solution for you is a dedicated server.

When all is said and done, if your business needs uninterrupted traffic and you envisage a high volume of visitors, your best bet is to make use of dedicated sharing. It might be expensive but it can bring you higher returns too.

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