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4 Ways to Get Steady But Free Blog Traffic


Getting Blog traffic is urgent for any blogger, in fact, it is a priority.
You may not know how lonely it is to regularly update a deserted blog – not until you find yourself in that shoe. With the high, no, prohibitive cost of paid traffic, all bloggers would smile at the prospect of free blog traffic.

How, though, do you get visitors to your website from varied sources for free?
I have used different methods with varying levels of effectiveness – webmaster forums, blogs, facebook, twitter and lately, pinterest have all proven useful. In this post, I will show how I have used them to advantage to get a constant stream of visitors to your site.



1. Webmaster Forums

Traffic from forums can really get your blog active. If you think forums are dead, then you are making a big mistake. I did until a couple of weeks ago when I realized that forums can still be a strong source of traffic.

When looking to drive traffic to your blog, it is better to focus on webmaster forums as because their rules for link positioning in posts are not so strict.
I have used webmaster review forums, freebies forums, domain name appraisal forums, buy-sell forums to drive quality traffic back home.

The best thing about traffic from forums is that they are used to browsing deep into a site. Forum users stay for long in one site as long as it has great importance, so you have to make sure that you have a rich content base to keep them as repeat visitors.

Some great forums with high traffic returns include Web Talk forums, Bloggeries, Digital Point,Name Pros, Warrior Forums and UK Web Master World. The key is to make sure you read the forums rules to make sure you and the forum owners are on the same page and you don’t get yourself banned. Some forums allow links only after a certain post threshold others allow them out of the box.

Read the rules and respect to them, and this strategy will work all the better for you.
NOTE: Your goal is not just to create backlinks but to build relationships and acquire readers. So it is important that your posts are natural and you track reply to the conversation.


2. Blog Commenting

I have said this one often, and will say it again – the purpose of commenting on any blog should be to leave value first and only – free blog traffic should be a second consideration.
Try to interact with the owners of the blogs you comment on, and establish relationships with them.

To encourage bloggers to leave a comment on your blog, it is wise to install the Comment Luv plugin so they know they are getting value as well as giving value when they leave a comment.
When bloggers leave a comment on your blog, it leaves a social responsibility on you to go over to their blogs and reciprocate. When bloggers know you will always comment on their post if they comment on yours, where do you think they will go when they need comments on their new post? You got it right – your blog!



3. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

If you are yet to have a social media profiles for your blog, it is important that you do so NOW.
The key to succeed with social media is social responsibility.

For bloggers, social responsibility means being as much a giver as a taker. If someone shares your content often, have you considered reaching out too to check how you can help with their work?
Actively engage with people in your industry and look out for opportunities to interact with them and extend a helping hand. It will come around, and you will be better off for it.


4. Blogger Communities

Nothing has been as successful in creating a place and traffic for bloggers. Last month alone Triberr sent more than two million traffic to blogs in the network, and the tribes are growing fast.
Want a share of that growing traffic and the resultant boost on your Facebook and Twitter engagements?
Get in and search for a tribe that fits your niche.

You will be surprised at just how much social shares and Blog traffic you get as long as you write quality posts and share the content of others.
I strongly recommend you join and start taking part actively in bloggers Communities, I assure you, many of the faces you will see are faces now familiar to you. You will also make new connections that will extend to your blog and help establish your content.


Free Blog Traffic – The Final Word


I know how urgent it is to get site visitors . Without visitors, the soul of your blog just fizzles out and before long, you get weary of talking to yourself.

Free traffic methods can be therefore stressful to implement that it drains all sense of fun operating your blog. That is why I have only listed traffic methods that are in themselves interesting.

I know that while this post is detailed, there are certainly other free traffic techniques not provided here that you may well have used to good results. How do you access free blog traffic? What sources have you found most effective?
Would love to hear your thoughts and always open to a great discussion.


  1. Reply
    Yev Marusenko June 21, 2016 at 3:39 am

    Thanks for the tips. All look pretty good. The #1 is what I have tried the least. It would seem that for that one it would be the most important to build relationships over a long time because compared to other platforms, forums is where URLs are least likely to be allowed unless you are engaged for a while. Definitely a long-term strategy

    • Reply
      leonard June 21, 2016 at 4:12 am

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Reply
    Sharon June 21, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Great article! Very informative and helpful to a blogger like me.

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