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3 Ways to Get Your Guest Post Accepted

Just a few years ago, most bloggers were content to submitting blog posts on their own sites, without giving guest post writing a second thought.
Today, any blogger who does not guest post is the exception, and any blogger worth his weight in salt is eager, nay, desperate about getting his guest posts accepted to authority blogs.

There has been one problem, though, that hinders new bloggers into guest blogging. Writing a guest post is one thing, but getting it approved is quite another.
This has led a lot of would be guest bloggers to conclude that guest blogging is difficult and abandon the strategy.

The real truth is that when done right, guest blogging can turn out to be a consistent source of traffic and money to your website. If you would like to get more traffic and revenue to your website, then carefully check out the tips below. They were written just for you.



Get Your Guest Post Accepted 


Deliver Amazing Content

If you think the age-long axiom that content is king is out of date, then think again. Content is king, and as long as we continue to write for human usage, content will remain king. It is difficult for a blog owner to let amazingly well written guest post pass him by, and this is true even in cases where the blog owner had other posts scheduled.
This is because most blog owners are always on the lookout for great content for their blogs, and some are even ready to pay for the content. If you improve your writing craft, you will find that more and more of your guest posts will get accepted into the blogs of your choice.



Build a Connection with the Owner of the Blog

This may not be compulsory, but it is effective in breaking the ice and getting your guest post accepted into any blog.
No matter how large or successful a blog is, remember that there is always somebody behind the scenes calling the shots.

Having a relationship with the key character behind a blog can ensure that when your guest post lands on his inbox, he will recognize your name with a smile and without any doubt, publish your post.

Identify the owner of the blog and be on the lookout for ways to be of service to him. It could be by sharing his posts on social networks, leaving incisive responses to his blog posts and becoming an integral part of the community he is building around his blog.
At the point you make your name known as part of the ‘crowd’, it may even amaze you that the blog owner will request for a guest post from you.



Ensure Your Guest Post is Well Formatted

When your is nicely formatted, it becomes much easier for the blog owner to read or scan through. This can significantly increase your guest blogging success rate.
Use bold or italics where needed to make your points stand out. Make good use of paragraphs – the shorter the better.

If you review this post, you will notice that no single paragraph has more than four sentences. That is why you could get to the end of this article so fast.

Short paragraphs are easier on the eyes and they can encourage a blog owner to read your guest post to the very end. And, if you can keep their attention to the end, most likely your work is done!

No one rejects good content. If your content is good enough, bloggers have been known to disrupt their posting routine to publish it. So do not rush it. Take time out to craft very useful guest posts and watch your acceptance rates skyrocket!

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